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There comes a time in most everyone's life when the need arises to have a legal document prepared, such as a will, divorce decree or property deed. When that time comes for you, Carole Collins Document and Fiduciary Services can get it done. We are a paralegal service offering efficient and cost-effective legal document preparation, estate services and more in Kingman, AZ.


Carole Collins Document and Fiduciary Services is not a law firm. We are a paralegal service with all the education and expertise necessary to help you research a legal matter, or draw up basic legal documents, including those needed for a court case. We'll give your situation the time and attention it deserves, but perhaps best of all, we'll save you money in the process.


In addition to helping individuals and families prepare legal documents, we are a personal fiduciary service who can offer cost-effective solutions for management of financial assets, such as estates and trusts.  We know what's important to the people of Kingman, AZ, so you can rest assured that your priorities are our priorities.


Our company may only have one name on it, but that doesn't mean we go at it alone all the time. When a situation demands it, we enlist help from people who are carefully vetted for dedication, discretion and a desire to uphold the law. 
Discussion on customer's unique situation before preparation of legal document in Kingman, AZ

A case for Carole Collins?

If you have a legal issue, and a high-priced attorney is out of the question, Carole Collins Document and Fiduciary Services may offer a viable and affordable alternative for you. I would be happy to discuss your situation and give you the general legal information you need to move forward. Remember I am not an attorney so if there is some reason I cannot assist with your particular concern, I can help you find an attorney who can. Call us at 928-718-6811 or visit our office at 2001 Stockton Hill Road, Unit B in Kingman, AZ.  I look forward to working with you!
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